Moving to Portugal

Portugal is a wonderful place to live but climbing the mountain of paperwork needed for your installation is a daunting task.
We know our way through the maze of public administrations so let us push the forms to the right desk :
NHR, Portuguese plates for your car, Social security, Utility companies etc…We’ll deal with it !

Registering your car in Portugal

When you become resident in Portugal, you are obliged to switch to Portuguese registration within 6 months of your arrival. With numerous police checks around the Algarve on foreign plated cars, failure to do so could lead to your car being impounded.

Cars are expensive in Portugal due to the ISV tax. Clamping down on foreign cars is also a way to collect the ISV on imported cars. There are circumstances where you can legally register your foreign car in Portugal, without paying this expensive tax. For instance by proving that you have not been resident in the previous 2 years. This is a complicated process which requires a lot of paperwork but will ultimately save you thousands of Euros when legally registering your car in Portugal.

At Team Doré, we do this day in and day out ! We offer a very attractive package which takes care of everything on your behalf. Come and see us with your car papers so we can work it out.

Legal and accounting advice

Besides helping you register your utility contracts for your property, apply for the social security or anything you could get stuck with in your daily life in Portugal, we are also here to assist you with legal and financial matters.

Buying and owning a home involves various legal (notary, property deed, planning permission, insurance) and financial (mortgage, council tax, capital gain tax) aspects for which our team of partner lawyers and financial advisor can help you with.

Whatever your requirements might be, we’ll walk hand in hand with you to make sure you get the best advice when you need it !